Hiking 2 Heal

Helping veterans with PTSD through outdoor adventures

Our Mission

Our mission is supporting our veterans in their journey towards mental and physical healing. By utilizing long distance and backcountry hiking, they provide a unique avenue for veterans to find solace and peace. This free program incorporates both the physical and mental training acquired during their military service, allowing veterans to tap into their resilience and strength. Additionally, the organization fosters a sense of camaraderie and togetherness, creating an environment where veterans can heal and support one another. It is important to note that this program is completely free of charge for veterans, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder their access to this transformative experience.

The Journey


Join us on one of our select 10 day / 100-mile backcountry hiking trips on the beautiful Benton MacKaye Trail. We will start our Journey at the southern terminus of the Benton Mackaye Trail going northbound across the swingin' bridge at the Toccoa river continuing northward again past Brawley Mountain fire tower to the world-famous Iron Bridge Cafe. Northbound to Cherry Log past the northern terminus of the Pinhoti Trail towards Jacks River then up and over Big Frog Mountain to the end of our Journey at the beautiful Ocoee River. Veterans can also join us for one of our select 5 day / 60-mile trips on the North Georgia Loop, south on the A.T. at Woody gap to the B.M.T. then north on the B.M.T. to the Duncan Ridge Trail returning back to the A.T. and finishing at our start point.

The Adventure

H2H is working with a local veteran owned whitewater rafting company to add the team building experience of whitewater rafting on the beautiful Ocoee River during our Journeys, weather permitting. You will enjoy a world class guided rafting trip by some of the greatest guides in the business. Whitewater rafting is a great rhythmic exercise that places focus on your body and mind working as one. A medically proven way to reduce stress and use excess adrenaline to better cope with the trauma and triggers of PTSD

Patriotic Support

Your direct support helps us provide these life-changing adventures to our veterans at no cost. 100% of all money received goes towards the mission of helping our heroes and their families. H2H is dedicated to helping combat veteran suicide and the trauma associated with PTSD, whether it is physical or mental trauma. Your monetary support will go to ensure that "The Journey" and "The Adventure" will continue to be a reality for veterans while assuring there is no financial burden placed on the veteran and their family. H2H is a proven healing process that can become a new and healthier way of life for our veterans to share with their family.


Hiking 2 HEAL has been a life-changing experience for me. I am grateful for the help and support as a veteran that I received in my Journey. The mud, sweat and fears that I overcame on the trail have changed my ability to cope with my triggers. Hiking in nature's office has become my greatest outlet against PTSD.
The hiking trip was challenging but incredibly invigorating and rewarding. I feel more connected to myself and my fellow veterans, that we truly are normal for what we've been through.


Contact Us

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